Prepairation Course for Entrance Examination


Prepairation Courses for Entrance Examination at Foreign Language Center of District 1 are specially designed for students who:

  • Group 1: Grade 9 to Grade 10;
  • Group 2: Grade 11 to Grade 12 and students who have graduated from high school and wish to take A1 or D test on University Entrance Exam;
  • Group 3: Expedited Prepairation in 6 or 3 months;

All 3 groups will get the best, most effective roadmap and learning methodology based on their English ability and time remaining to the exam. All the necessary knowledge will be systematized and reviewed in scientific ways to remember easily. Methods of teaching and learning are exremely special to ease the stress and to enhance the students to learn better.

Group 1 and Group 2 will have more time to study and do practice testes, therefor the knowledge will be organized better with time to repeat the old knowledge. Group 3 will have their special curriculum designed by Center focusing entirely on Academic knowledge for the exam.

Foreign Languager Center of District 1 always firmly grasps the structure of the exam launched by Ministry of Education and Training and updates changes in examination content, from which we have the best teaching and learning methods for learners. All the examination content will be summed up by intensive topics for students to understand academic details as well as best methods to remember and strategies to do the exam.

Especially, the teachers at Foreign Language Center of Distric 1 are always selected extremely carefully to bring the absolute confidence to the students when entering a tough, challenge exam.

Course’s Detail:

  • Schedule: 2 sessions/ day. Learners will get 1 FREE TRIAL session;
  • Starting date: Continuously and regularly openned;
  • Tuition: Extremely incentive;
  • Number of learners in 1 class: 10 – 15 participants.

Please contact us for any further information: Foreign Language Center of Distric 1

112 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street, Đa Kao Ward, Distrct 1

Phone: (08) 38243864 – Hotline: 0919.277.201 (Ms.Hài)

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